3 easy approaches to have a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 9

We frequently need to have a screenshot of anything on our phones and if you have only picked up Samsung's latest flagship, you'd be interested in learning how exactly to take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 9. You can find multiple ways you can do that. Here are three easy approaches to have a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 9.

Just how to take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 9

The power + volume down button method
There are two easy ways to have a regular screen on the Galaxy Note 9. If you liked this article and you would like to obtain more info pertaining to https://7spies.com/how-to-screenshot-on-galaxy-s9/ kindly visit the web site. The first involves pressing and holding the power button and the amount down button at once for 2 seconds. The screen will flash to confirm that the screenshot has been captured. It will undoubtedly be available instantly for sharing and will also be accessible through the notifications. All screenshots are quickly stored in the Gallery.

The palm swipe method
Another cool and easy method to take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 9 is to do a palm swipe. When you want to have a screenshot, just position your hand vertically along the best or left edge of the Galaxy Note 9 and then swipe to another end. Make sure that your hand is touching the screen.

This approach is enabled by default and you do have the option to change it off. Head to the Advanced features menu in the Settings app and scroll down. You'll find the Palm swipe to fully capture toggle there.

Use scroll capture to take multiple screenshots
If you want to screenshot a complete webpage but don't want multiple images, utilize the scroll capture feature. The button will be briefly at the bottom once you have a screenshot. If you tap onto it, the screen is likely to be scrolled down automatically to fully capture additional content. This can be carried out multiple times and all the screenshots are automatically stitched together in to a long image.

How exactly to take a screenshot using the Galaxy Note 9's S Pen

The Galaxy Note 9 includes the S Pen that offers additional functionality. This reaches screenshots as well. The S Pen's Screen Write feature allows you to take a screenshot and immediately annotate on it using the stylus.

Just open the Air command menu when you wish to take a screenshot of something and select Screen Write. The screen will flash and you'll be used into the editing pane where in actuality the S Pen can be used to publish on the screenshot. The editing pane even allows you to change the colour and style of the pen or use an eraser to fix any mistakes.